21 Days to a Clean Home!

This system has literally changed my ENTIRE LIFE for the better. My home is cleaner, I argue less with my husband, my kids get more mom time, and I don’t have the weight of a thousand task to-do list bearing down on my shoulders constantly.

However, getting started isn’t always the easiest. We see our favourite YouTubers and Bloggers make it look so easy, and finally feel hope that there actually could be a BETTER way to do things ( big shoutout to Diane in Denmark and How Jen Does It). Then we attempt to implement the entire system in one day, and it’s overwhelming.

We blame ourselves, because we are buried so deep in clutter and laundry, it seems like nothing will work. WRONG! You can and you will find the freedom from hours of housework and overwhelm, you just need to start slow with small changes.

The Flylady website breaks down the whole system into 31 baby steps. I have pared it down to the essentials and fully believe that this program can be learned in 21 days. Commit to going through the steps fully, learn and add a new habit every day, focus on progress, let go of perfection and at the end you will see MAJOR changes.

21 Days to a Clean Home

1. Shine Your Sink

The best way to get started when you don’t know where to start is focus on one small task. Pull all of your dishes out and give your sink a good scrub. Do this at the end of every day to signal that it is time to to relax.

2. Dress to Shoes

When you take care of yourself and get ready for the day, your mind will be ready for productivity.

3. 2-Minute Hotspot

Bring a timer into your cleaning to increase hustle and decrease overwhelm. Pick and area in your home that is overwhelmed with stuff and tackle it for 2 minutes. You might surprise yourself with how much gets done!

4. Make the Bed

Accomplish something first thing in the morning! Keep your bedding simple to make the job go fast!

5. Establish a Dishes System

Load up the dishwasher at night and empty in the morning! Keep your counters clean and clutter-free so you always have a clear space to cook.

6. Make a Weekly Plan

Having a plan makes everything so much easier. Use the free printable to organize your life. Add to it daily, make a mess, write all over it, make edits and hang it somewhere visible to everyone!

7. Power Tidy

Pick a time and make this a daily habit. I like to do it in the evening so my house is clean in the morning.

8. Daily Declutter

You can’t clean clutter! Start slowly with garbage and and do a little every day. This is a never-ending process, bit it gets easier and you get better.

9. Establish a Laundry Routine

Dirty laundry piles, clean laundry piles, folded laundry piles – no more. Establish system that works for you, most importantly – don’t start a new load until the previous one is complete!

10. Floor Check

Clean floors make a home look and feel exponentially cleaner than it is. Use this simple mind trick – do a quick sweep, vacuum, and spot wipe to help your house look clean!

11. Digital Detox

Digital devices and social media suck a lot of time from our day. If you have no trouble keeping up with your friends’ social lives, but can’t seem to find the time to get your chores done, it might be time for a digital detox!

12. Swish the Bathroom

Swish ONE bathroom, once a day and forever avoid the nasty hour long bathroom clean. Keep your supplies handy and quickly get it done after you get ready in the morning! Rotate the bathrooms to make sure they all get a little attention.

13. Prep for Tomorrow

Smooth mornings make for easy days. Getting ready for the next day the night before is a game changer. Clothes set out, gym clothes packed, shoes ready, keys in their place, bag packed, lunches made, check the calendar and communicate plans to everyone involved.

14. Weekly Clean

Aka – The Weekly Home Blessing Hour. This is a quick, once over of your main traffic areas that keeps the house clean with little effort. Change bedsheets, empty garbages and wipe mirrors!

15. Plan & Pay

Consider this your ‘home administration day’. Pay bills, write cards, confirm appointments, and update calendars. Take 5 minutes every week to pay your bills and avoid late charges and overdue notices forever.

16. Anti-Procrastination Day

Pick one small thing you have been putting off, and commit to getting it done. Get it off your mind and lighten your mental load. Make it easy – as you go about life, keep a little list of these nagging tasks and on Wednesday just pick one to check off!

17. Self Care Day

Take care of yourself so you can take care of others. I choose a small thing to do for myself every Thursday to ensure I get that valuable ‘me time’.

18. Car & Bag Day

Take 5 minutes to clean out the car and your purse/backpack/diaper bag so they stay tidy and clutter-free. Make it easy – keep a bag in your car for garbage and empty it at the gas station or whenever you stop.

19. Meal Plan

Meal planning will change your life. First, check the ingredients you have on hand and create a meal plan around those. Shop for the items you are missing and keep a record of meals you like to cook and your family likes to eat. Also plan for leftovers, going out and have at least 5 last-minute, easy meals on hand at all times.

20. Zone Clean

Break up your home into sections (or zones) and tackle one each week for a set amount of time. I try to dedicate an hour each week to deep cleaning the specific zone we are in, but I don’t worry if I miss a day. Make it easy – keep a checklist handy of tasks you have completed in each zone so you know what needs to be done.

21. Weekly Clean

Part 2 of our weekly clean and we are adding dust, vacuum and mop. 10 minutes each in the high-traffic areas of your home and you are done. Miss an area? Not to worry, you will get it next time.

7 thoughts on “21 Days to a Clean Home!”

  1. Thank you for sharing your routines and life (and super adorbs kiddos!). I’m finishing unpacking from our recent move (U.S. military spouse). Your videos have been relieving the stress of the chaos of moving, reminding me that there is order ahead, and you are so authentically friendly and cheerful in your videos, it’s been like having a friend in my new place! Thanks- you’re awesome!


  2. My kids and I watch your videos every week. We love them. Nice to be reminded to keep it simple. Do you have a printable for your weekly stuff (things discussed in part 1 and 2 video)?


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